5 Tips For Radiant Healthy Looking Skin

A radiant and flawless skin is the mark of being healthy and beautiful from the inside out. Your skincare practices and habits contributes to the health of your skin. Take time to consider and apply these following tips to get that healthy and beautiful skin that you want to achieve.

Proper Cleansing

Clogged pores is the number one hindrance to having a healthy looking skin. When your pores are clogged with dirt, oil and make up, your skin will get irritated and will lead to formation of bumps and pimples. Cleanse your face every morning and evening by using a mild or natural facial wash.

Vitamin C Serum

A great option to nourish your skin is to start applying a vitamin C Serum (ascorbic acid is another name for vitamin C). The citric acid in this type of serum will increase cell regeneration resulting to the elimination of dead skin cells and reduction of dark spots. Vitamin C has also bleaching effect which can improve your overall complexion. Serums are great whether you have an oily or dry skin. Apply this regularly after your morning and night facial routine.


Your daily aim should be to drink at least 8 glasses of water. Drinking pure water should always be your number choice for beverage. Squeeze in some lemons or limes to add taste and more nutritional benefits. Drink one glass of water upon waking up and always drink a glass before eating a full meal, this simple habit will help in your digestion. As water will flush out the toxins in your body, your skin will become clear and hydrated.

Healthy Diet

Being careful with what you need will definitely affect how your skin looks like. Adding more vegetables and colorful greens can work wonders for your body. Eating healthy fats such as salmon, mackerel, coconuts, raw nuts and avocado are good for the skin too. Avoid eating too much junk and over drinking coffee. Taking additional antioxidants and vitamins can be very helpful for your skin. Vitamins such as beta-carotene, zinc, A, D, and E are all wonderful nutrients that will product a healthy looking skin.

Relax and Sleep

And lastly, making sure that you sleep at least 8 hours every night will give you and your body a much needed rest. This period is important because this is the time when cell regeneration and repair usually happens. Being deprived of sleep and being stressed out manifests wrinkles and fine lines, which lead to the acceleration of your aging process. Prioritizing sleep and relaxation each day is important. A simple way of relaxing is to walk outside to get some fresh air, or meditate on your own private space.

Having a healthy and radiant skin are both results of your internal and external practices. Make it a habit to eat clean and properly nourish your skin from the inside out. Start to avoid or even quit smoking, as nicotine and other harmful chemicals can have a negative effect on the elasticity and collagen production of your skin. Always be mindful of the dust, pollution, and ultraviolet rays from the sun because these ever present factors affects our skin moment by moment.


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Estrogen is one of the main female sex hormones that help in the development and maintenance of feminine sex characteristics. In normal situations, it exists also in males in low quantities but in the event that the levels increase above normal, especially when its concentration in circulation surpasses that of testosterone, then the individual may require estrogen blockers for men to restore normalcy. These blockers are marketed in different formulations some time in combination with other important ingredients, especially in diets and supplements. Below are some benefits that you can gain from estrogen blockers.

Strength and muscle building

The use of steroids by body builders may bring about some unwanted side effects in terms of body shape and structure in men. This may be characterized by formation of unpleasant fats in areas such as the chest and tummy, structures that appear to resemble those of a woman who does not exercise. Moreover, research shows that the higher testosterone levels in men is what makes them more muscular and fit even for working out. Estrogen blockers can bring down high levels of estrogen in circulation, thereby increasing testosterone levels to promote masculinity and strength in body builders. Some of these blockers are market separately or in combination with muscle building diets and supplements for the same reason.


Prevention of hair loss

It is mainly due to the increase in estrogen levels that most men become bald as they age. High estrogen levels have been associated with loss of hair in scientific researches, which can be prevented or reduced by the use of estrogen blockers for men. Most men, if not all do not appreciate being bald headed. In fact, some even go for hair transplant to restore their previous youthful looks.

A remedy for hormonal imbalances

Imbalances, especially of sex hormones can come with quite a number of unpleasant consequences. A man with high estrogen levels than the levels of testosterone is more likely to display more feminine characteristics such as mood swings, irritability, and tenderness among others. Some men have been seen to develop feminine features such as breasts. Estrogen blockers can be used to provide remedy for such individuals.

Safe to use if proper precautions are taken

It highly advisable that before you go for any product for estrogen blocker for men out there that you seek professional advice from a health care provider, especially if you have an underlying illness or health complications of some kind. It is recommendable that once your doctor gives you a go ahead, you choose products wisely and always use as recommended as overdosing or skipping doses can as well lead to unpleasant outcomes and side effects. Choosing wisely means that you will not only select products based on price, but most importantly based on experience and reputation of manufacturer brand, FDA approval, all from a strategic market research.

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